A new revolution in business from railway transport

 A new revolution in business from railway transport

Railway is such a transport in which we can transport goods in thousands of tonnes very easily from one place to another. 

A new revolution in business from railway transport
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 The first development of railways took place in England and the credit for the development of railways in India is given to the British government. 

The purpose of development of railways in India was more exploitation of India's trade and resources.  The more railways developed in India, the more Indian resources were exploited.

  With the arrival of railways, Indian mineral wealth was carried around the ports by loading thousands of tons and then using the sea route from here used to take the English from other countri

The development of railways in India was first done between Mumbai and Thane, after that it started happening in different areas. In the development of railways, the idea of ​​​​goods train, 

passenger train, metro train and today's modern bullet train has been brought. Bullet train  It is the one that covers the distance at a very high speed but their cost is also high because heavy technologies are used in it. 

Indian Railways is under the Ministry of Railways, apart from this the railway is divided into zones to control  from where territorial control is exercised.  Most of the development of Indian Railways took place under the British and most of their railway lines have remained till da

There is a lack of proper development of railways in India till date, because due to diversity in India, their development work is hindered, 

especially due to the hilly area in the north eastern regions of India, the railway cannot be laid in the line, even today.  There are many states in the north eastern state of India, 

railway connectivity has not been possible because due to the high cost of construction of railway lines, development has not happened.  

The biggest role of Indian Railways is that it has a huge role in establishing the unity of India.  At the time of independence, many people spread their ideas easily from one place to another, 

like Gandhi traveled through India by rail, in a way, rail transport played a big role in India's independen

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