IPL 2022: Chances of Chennai Super Kings

 IPL 2022: Chances of Chennai Super Kings reaching the playoffs are about 3%, this is the condition of the rest of the tea

IPL 2022: Chances of Chennai Super Kings
IPL 2022: Chances of Chennai Super Kings

(IPL 2022) 55 matches of the league stage have been played. There are still 15 more matches to be played in the tournament.

 After knowing the 55 matches of this season, let's talk about which teams are seen entering the knockout matches this year, and what are the chances of which teams are left.

 Let us tell you that this time the performance of CSK and Mumbai team has been poor. While Mumbai has been out of the playoff race,

 on the other hand, CSK's team has managed to maintain itself in the playoff race by winning 4 matches so far, but according to the "percentage math",

 then There is only about 3 percent chance of Chennai reaching the play-offs. On the other hand, KKR have suffered consecutive defeats,

 due to which the team's chances of reaching the playoffs are 0.2%. In such a situation, let us know what percentage of chances are left for the competing teams to qualify for the play-offs.

* Mumbai's team is completely out of the race for the knockout matches.  If the team manages to perform well in their remaining matches, then they can finish with a good position (fifth position) in the points table.

 * After yesterday's win against DC, the chances of both CSK and DC teams reaching the knockout matches are negligible.  Chennai remains in the race to qualify with only 3%, which is almost impossible for them now.

* The chances of CSK ending their journey in third place is only 0.3%.  This means that only a miracle can take Chennai to the playoffs from here.

* The chances of KKR reaching the knockout matches are very less. Because KKR's run average in the points table is very conceivable. The team has a 0.2% chance that it can reach the playoffs.

 * Punjab team may still end their journey in 4th, 3rd or 2nd position, but PBKS can no longer hope to reach the top. Punjab Kings have a 25 % chance of reaching the playoffs.

* Hyderabad's team still has the hope of reaching the top 4. Hyderabad's hopes have increased after CSK's defeat to Delhi on Sunday.

 * After the 67-run win against SRH, RCB have definitely improved their run average, and at the same time, the team's chances of reaching the playoffs have also increased. RCB have an 89.6 % chance that they can qualify for the playoffs.

* RR's team still has a strong chance of reaching the top of the points table. The team can qualify for the playoffs with a 95.9% chance.

* Lucknow and Gujarat are almost certain to play in the knockout matches. If the team performs poorly from here, then it will definitely make its place at number 4 in the points table.

 Talk about the position in the points table of all the teams after 55 matches, Lucknow team is first with 16 points (+0.703),

 Gujarat second with 16 points (+0.120), Rajasthan Royals with 14 points (+0.326). Third, Royal Challengers Bangalore fourth with 14 points (-0.115),

 Delhi Capitals fifth with 10 points (+0.150), Sunrisers Hyderabad sixth with 10 points (-0.031), Punjab Kings seventh with 10 points (-0.231). , 

Chennai Super Kings are ranked eighth with eight points (+0.228), Kolkata Knight Riders ninth with eight points (-0.304) and Mumbai Indians at 10th with four points (-0.725).

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