This person was first bitten by dengue then malaria then corona and now snake!

 You too will be shocked to hear the story of British citizen Ian Johns and will start saluting his courage!  As soon as Johns, 

who worked for traditional artists, reached Jodhpur in Rajasthan and was preparing to return to his country after completing the work, there was a lockdown in the entire country due to Corona! 

This person was first bitten by dengue then malaria then corona and now snake!
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 Then the period of troubles and obstacles that started for them is not taking its name to end!  During the lockdown itself, Jones got malaria and when he got rid of it, he became a victim of dengue.  

It was only a few days after he was cured of malaria that his partner was caught by the corona, due to which he also had to go to the hospital!  Johns beat Corona!  

Because his report came negative in the investigation!  Although bad luck didn't leave him here too!  As soon as he was freed from the fear of Corona, 

he was bitten by a cobra snake, after which his condition worsened. On 9 November, he was admitted to a private hospital in Jodhpur where his condition was very serious.

 After about 7 days of treatment, Johns got cured but due to the effect of snake venom, he is still having problems.  He was finding it difficult to walk!  However, he is now discharged from the hospital along with his partner Akash!

 In the midst of these troubles, Ian Johns' son created a website in London to help his father, 

after which Johns came into the limelight because Johns himself used to raise funds for the poor by charities!  In such a situation, people's feelings for Johns also increased.

  Jones' partner Akash told that on Monday, Johns will reach Delhi via Jaipur and then leave for his country.

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